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Get an answer to some of your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About our service and Covid-19

Are your staff insured?

Our staff are insured for liability and dishonesty. Additionally, all of our cares who drive, have their cars insured. All staff are covered under Workers’ Compensation and have undergone an extensive police background and references check. Our Insurance Certificate may be viewed on request or a copy will be provided prior to the service date.

How are your caregivers selected?

Because we are a relatively small organization, we have the ability and time to carefully select and screen all potential caregivers. In fact, we hire only a small percentage of all applicants!

We owns the company, insists on thorough interviews and a meticulous check of references. Our staff is expected to provide at least two references which are checked thoroughly. These references are typically from families, nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals and/or volunteer organizations. We also insist each and every caregiver provides us with a Police Clearance Certificate (a background check completed by the Police).

Will I get the same care provider all the time?

Most times, you will. We will assign a primary carer and will endeavor to provide a regular substitute should they be unavailable. We recognize that most service users and their families desire consistency in care and it is their right.

Will you be able to provide suitable carers based on culture?

Our carers come from a wide variety of backgrounds. All staff is fluent in English. Many speak a second and third language.

We encourage families to let us know about their cultural and reliegious requirements so that we can introduce candidates who are compatible.

What if I need to change my care plan or care?

We’ll work with you to make sure that the care you or your loved one is receiving continue to meet your needs. This means that we’ll work to accommodate schedule changes, or requests to change the individual carer working with you and your family. We know that care plans will need to change over time as medical and physical conditions change over time. We strive to be flexible and communicative, and our priority is providing the best possible care to you and your loved one.

Are your employees trained?

Yes, all of our employees have mandaotry training in a health and social care with a focus on elderly care or have been trained internally through Awesome Care Health Services training program and induction. Our employees are encouraged to continue their education and training throughout their employment with us. We also conduct specialized training for special needs service users.

How is the privacy of my personal information maintained?

We adhere to all data protection and government guidelines related to privacy of personal and healthcare information including GDPR. This starts before we have a formal services agreement, before a carer even comes to your family member’s home. The written service agreement stipulates the exact restrictions on the use of your information, which clarifies that even unauthorized individuals will not be given access to information without a client’s – or legally authorized representative’s – formal consent.

Can you help with medications?

Our carers can administer, and remind you of, medications. we keep records of all medication administered . We offer both in-person medication administration and phone-call medication reminders.

Do you provide care for new service users through the pandemic?

Yes – As key member of the industry ,we continue to provide care to all our existing clients and new ones! All staff have had specific infection control and Covid 19 training and assessment will be completed by one of our risk assessors.

Do you care for people with a positive Covid-19 test result?
We have a fully developed COVID19 rehabilitation service and can support you with care at home with symptoms or positive test. Your support workers will be unique to you, have full PPE delivered to you and help you keep in touch with your family and friends safely.

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Do you conduct testing for your staff?
At Awesome Healthcare, all of our staff are tested weekly for covid test and we conduct internal contact tracing bi-weekly to monitor our staff level of compliance with social distancing. We’ll let you know if we have any positive case.
What if your staff test positive to Covid-19?
Any staff tested positive to Covid-19 are stopped from working from the date of the positive result for the purpose of isolation. Staff who must have had contact with those tested positive are also asked to isolate. All staff get paid while in isolation.
Will you be able to provide a carer if my usual carer is not available?
Yes! We always like to have more than one carer who knows you so that consistency in care can always be achieved.
Do you check the quality of PPE given to your staff?

All products being issued have passed stringent tests that demonstrate they are safe to use in line with relevant guidance. The PPE is exposed to extreme conditions for prolonged periods, to see how the product deteriorates. All that are not up to standard are destroyed and not distributed to staff.

Where can I find the latest COVID-19 public health advice?
This advice is available on the GOV.UK website, which provides latest announcements, coronavirus press conferences and covers topics including how to protect yourself and others against the virus and information for healthcare workers and carers. There is also an option to sign up to get emails when any COVID-19 related information on the website changes.

Further public health information and advice is provided through the NHS website and Public Health England’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) – what you need to know page.

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How many doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine will need to be administered?

The vaccine is given in two doses, three weeks apart.

Data from clinical trials have shown the vaccine is 94 per cent effective in protecting people over the age of 65 from coronavirus, with trials suggesting it works equally well in people of all ages, races and ethnicities. There were also no serious safety concerns reported in the trials.h.