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The Person Behind the Mask (NOD) |
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The Person Behind the Mask (NOD)

What is Visual NOD?

Visual NOD is a way to augment NOD (Name, Occupation, Duty) while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Here are some of the things service users said:<br /> • “It was hard to recognize the carers and who you were talking to.”<br /> • “It might be a thoughtful idea to have the care staff show their face through the door<br /> before they put on their masks and come into the isolation room. That way I know who<br /> they are.”<br /> • “The carers...were completely gowned and you never got to see a face.”

Since the implementation of Continuous Masking, all healthcare workers are required to wear a surgical/procedure mask when involved in direct patient care. This prevents patients from seeing or knowing their healthcare providers, and can make it difficult for patients to recognize their healthcare providers on subsequent interactions. Wearing PPE makes it difficult for patients to know who is on their care team and what each person does.

Similarly to NOD, the goal of Visual NOD is to decrease anxiety and enhance patients’ understanding of their care and care providers, and improve their experience. With the help of Visual NOD, patients will know their care team and what each care provider’s role is – even though the provider’s face is covered.

Visual NOD Tips

• At each patient or family interaction, introduce yourself with

–  Your name

–  Your role

–  Why you are there

–  E.g., “Hi Mr. Jones! My name is Sarah, I’m one of the nurses here. I’m here to give you your medication.”

  • Be present; make eye contact (if culturally appropriate) and smile
  • Use the patient’s last name unless invited to use their first name
  • Write your name on a paper if possible
  • Wear your Visual NOD in a visible location
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