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The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for health and safety, and offers protection both to service users and carers. PPE is worn in addition to our normal work clothes. Inevitably, the clothes that one wears will become contaminated with microorganisms in the course of the day. However, if PPE is utilised when appropriate then there is little evidence that contamination of clothing plays a major role in the transmission of infection.

PPE we provide includes:

  • ♦  Gloves
  • ♦  Aprons
  • ♦  Face, mouth/eye protection, e.g. masks/goggles/visors.
We complete a swab test on the same day each week between Thursday and Sunday. We make sure we administer, register and post the test on the same day. We make sure staff have everything they need before they complete the test, including a Royal Mail return label.

Every 4 weeks

Collect 4 test kits from your organisation

Every 7 days

Complete, register Only test between and post 1 test kit Thursday and Sunday

Prevention of infection is everyone’s business!


Protection of service users from infection is an important part of high quality care, and it also contributes to the safety of the environment for staff, service users and visitors.

Since the start of Covid-19 we have doubled the number of each staff uniform with some having 5 pieces to allow them to use one a day.

All our uniforms are free of charge

Staff have sanitizers and sprays including managing infectious agents.

Any staff who has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 or tested positive to COVID-19 is asked to stay at home for 14 days after their last exposure to that person.

Both staff exposed to covid or tested positive to COVID-19 are isolated from the workforce until recovery.

If staff have or think they might have COVID-19 or symptoms of Covid-19, we ask them to stay home and away from others. When we can have such staff around others depends on different factors for different situations but with a negative Covid-19 test result.

Providing support by all means
Payment to Staff

We have put in place a financial model to continue to support our staff during this period. Support provided includes:

  • Payment of wages to staff tested positive to Covid-19 and are required to isolate.
  • Payment of wages to staff asked to be isolated due to possible exposure to Covid-19
  • Payment of vehicle insurance cost to all drivers.
  • Supply of materials required to work from home.
  • Payment of bonus as Covid-19 inconvenience support.
Information sharing
In the case of COVID-19, several factors could contribute to increased cognitive load. First, the situation was new, which forced people to acquire new knowledge. Second, the situation developed fast and posed a looming health risk, forcing humans to adapt to the new knowledge quickly. Third, through social media, individuals across the globe shared their experiences, with lots of news appearing all the time, some real, some fake. The quantity of information further made it difficult to understand the actual state of the situation.

For us in Awesome, we share only information from:

World Health Organization

Department of Health and Social Care

Care Quality Commission

Sheffield Council

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