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Our Programs

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Beyond homecare to life care

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At Awesome Healthcare we believe in quality holistic home care services that allow people to age successfully and confidently within their community by leading active, engaging and meaningful lives.

Our person-centered holistic home care approach, focuses on the mind, body, and spirit with purposeful programs designed by our programs team.

See list of programs below.


A fun, relaxed program that engages seniors in a variety of activities to help maintain physical, intellectual and social independence. A morning snack and a nutritious lunchtime meal are provided in a relaxed social atmosphere. Service users can benefit from meeting others in the community and visit the places of their choice including fellowship, eat out and participate in activities of their choice including sports. The program is for seniors who: • May experience social isolation or physical limitations • Face mild to moderate cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease and other dementias • Need assistance with basic personal care supports

Young at heart

Playing puzzles and games with your support worker or carers can help promote your health. Regular physical activity can help you support your mobility, maintain a healthy weight, manage stress and sleep better. It can also ward off a variety of diseases and illnesses. • Reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases; • Aids in the management of active problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol; • Improves the ability to function and stay independent in cases where people have lung disease or arthritis; • Reduces symptoms of depression and pain; and • Improves balance and prevents falls. This service includes monitoring emotion log (intelligence) by our staff


Our companionship services allow you to maintain a sense of independence and dignity while enabling you to stay safe in the familiar surroundings of your home. When choosing to age at home, companionship and social interaction are crucial to staying healthy. Our comparison program allows you to call for a companion at home. We will send you staff to do this with you at no cost. Our programs team will call you for book this free service. This service includes General Housekeeping, Laundry, Activity Assistance, Transportation Assistance, letter opening and reading, postal service e.t.c

Our Process

Employee Programs

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We Too

Community Partnership

People with dementia and their families can feel invisible and unheard. Dementia UK campaign on their behalf, demanding parity of dementia care. Dementia UK champion the rights of families: to understand what options they have regarding care, support and practical assistance. Dementia UK help families to stay together longer, with support and coping strategies. Dementia UK empower families to know what they are entitled to and advocate for them so that they receive it.

We are proud partner of Dementia UK, please click donate to be part on this good work.