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Neglect |
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Project Description

When a carers fails to meet the needs of an elderly person who cannot care for themselves, neglect can result. Sometimes the carer may withhold nourishment, medications, or even hygiene, leaving the elderly person in serious danger.

Neglect is the inability to provide basic or personal care needs (e.g. food, water, required medications, shelter, hygiene, clothing, physical aids, hearing aids, eye glasses, dentures, exercise and social interaction, lack of attention, abandonment, undue confinement, inadequate safety precautions, withholding medical services or treatment).

Active Neglect: intentional failure of a caregiver to fulfill their care-giving responsibilities.
Passive Neglect: unintentional failure of a caregiver to fulfill their care-giving responsibilities.

Every service user has the right not to be neglected by the Awesome Healthcare Solutions Ltd or staff.

Project Details

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